As an artisan I value highly beauty in manmade items.

In this study year (fall 2021 to spring 2022) I am a third year student of micromechanics  in the Finnish School of Watchmaking.

I have several previous educations:  Bachelor of Engineering, ship electrician, seaman, boat builder and swimming instructor.


Some examples of works IN SCHOOL
Three little handmade threaded pins (1.6 and two 2.0 mm).

First year in the watchmaking school everyone makes some tools and fixes clocks.

During working practice periods from school I have fixed small mechanics and electronics, mostly mobile phones and done a little prototype manufacturing and product development.

Second year in the watchmaking school everyone makes some tools more and learns to fix watches. It is especially hard to fix the watch spiral.

I am simultaneously in Satakunta University of Applied Sciences in faculty of Logistics and Maritime doing Master of Engineering thesis study of avoiding transport damages and going to continue to spring 2023 some studies of Supply Network Development.

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